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For years many countries over seas like China and England have been selling license plates that have gone for in some cases millions of dollars.  In the U.S., Delaware, our first state has been buying and selling license plates for decades.  They are often referred to as tags, started in 2005 has brought the tag market online making it easy for Delawareans to either buy or sell their license plates. is now the national marketplace for all other states to join in on the craze.  The first state we are going to launch is New York and we will be adding states as they come.  Take a look at some of the articles below to understand the craze and appeal.

'1' license plate fetches 14 million

Del. Tag sells for $675,000

UAE goes CR4ZY over license plates

Auto tag No. 6 likely to sell for $1 million

‘Bruce Lee’ Fetches $5,100 as License Plate Craze Goes Global

Delaware license plate #303 fetches $79,500 at auction

nvestment Article: Looking out for number one

First Comes the Car, Then the $10,000 License Plate

License Plates at Auction: Still a Wild Market in Delaware

History of England's "A1" Plate valued at over 1 million pounds

New York Registration

Accepting Offers over $250,000
Plates in the same range are owned by the
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